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The Cult of Pigeons Pigeon

Live minting for season 1 of the Cult of Pigeons is currently closed. Keep an eye on this space for updates and our mint re-open date. Looking forward to welcoming you all into the Cult of Pigeons. Coo-coo!

Cult of Pigeons

For generations, pigeons have lived alongside us. Ever the symbol of peace and prosperity, they have made their homes in our cities, our parks and our buildings. Being harmless and peaceful creatures, mankind has had nothing to fear from our friendly, feathered friends.

Until now.

For the pigeons we thought friendly have been secretly planning something dark. They have been watching us, infiltrating our human society all around the world. They have formed a secret organization, plotting their rise against us humans. Planning to overthrow us and become the new masters of our world, a kind of apex predator unlike any before. An organization more global than the world has ever seen, with members devoted to their cause. A cult of sorts.

The Cult of Pigeons.

The Cult has landed on the Cardano blockchain in the form of a collection of 10,000 unique Pigeon NFT's. With traits expertly illustrated to an insane level of detail, the Cult has vowed to drop a collection of the highest quality. Details to feast your eyes on. Traits as mad as our pigeon cultists. Cardano, are you ready?

Traits and Rarity


From here to...



Concepting. Art and finding out what evil plans The Cult has in store for us all...


Finalizing art, setting up the Cult's very own website and preparing Cardano blockchain tech.


Releasing all traits and their rarities for you to see. This will not be good, it will be awesome!


Preparing our social channels. Every Cult needs a way to contact other Cultists, right?


Preparing and vigorously testing our release flow. One does not simply revolt against all humans without some proper planning, not even when you're a Cult of millions of pigeons.

Public Mint: Now LIVE!

The Landing of the Cult on Cardano. We will start the mint of this first season of Pigeons right here on this website, at 18 March 2022, 23:00 CET

Airdrop Cult of Pigeons Spidey

Once we're sold out, we will airdrop 1 unique Cult of Pigeons Spidey to one of our holders. But remember, with great power comes great... madness and evil, this is The Cult we're talking about here people!

Airdrop Token of Gratitude

To show our love for each and everyone of you looking to join our Cult and mint one of our deliciously dastardly doves, we've prepared a Token of Gratitude NFT which will be airdropped to all holders AND the unlucky ones who did not manage to get a pigeon during mint. Can you feel the love people?

Prepare the next season for the Cult

We have decided to definitely release a second season of our Cult. More traits, new friends, and the next addition to our sattelite collectors edition superhero set. You are not prepared.

Airdrop Bonus

Spiderpigeon, spiderpigeon...

When all Pigeons are sold ONE lucky winner will receive the FREE Spidey Pigeon bonus airdrop.

A juicy pigeon bone

Everything you need to know

The Cult of Pigeons, who are they?

ALL pigeons in every city around the world are already devoted cultists, ready to commence their World Domination Plan. Your only chance to join with the Cult and be part of this new world order is by purchasing a cultist Pigeon NFT in our upcoming release. When a great battle comes, it's best to be on the winning side. Choose wisely...

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How can I buy a pigeon?

At 18 March 2022 on 23:00 CET the Cult takes flight. We've integrated our website seemlessly with the Nami and ccvault wallets in the Chrome browser. Make sure you have one of those wallets installed with enough ADA ready to go and you'll be in for a very smooth mint!

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How much does a Cult of Pigeons NFT cost?

One Pigeon NFT will be sold for 50 ADA + transaction costs.

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How can I create a Cardano wallet?

For our mint we only support the Nami and ccvault wallets in the Chrome browser. Please follow the official instructions on the Nami and ccvault websites on how to install.

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Why on Cardano?

First and foremost, we believe in the platform. As longtime Cardano holders ourselves, we want to give back to the Cardano community by releasing a NFT collection on Cardano, done right. Crazy good looking art, built by hand by our master illustrator. Technologically thoroughly thought out (try saying that 3 times in a row) and built to industry standards. A well tested and smooth minting process, directly on Cardano. I mean, it's almost as if we truly believe these Pigeons will become our New World Order and we want to be in their good books when the time comes...

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Are there royalties?

We will not enforce any royalties during mint. There will be some royalties on secondary marketplaces such as jpg.store (4% for every sold pigeon). Any royalties will always go directly into our community wallet, to help us build new seasons and features for the Cult.

This means that our public mint is still completely royalty free and every Pigeon you mint and own will be completely yours, without any built in royalties. You are owning a Cardano NFT, a native object on the Cardano blockchain, which we've chosen not to wrap in a smart contract. Your Pigeons are yours, your own, your prrrecious.

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Is there a limit?

Per transaction you can choose to buy anywhere between 1 to 10 Pigeons per transaction. Our initiation flow during mint shall guide you through the steps to becoming a devoted cultist yourself.

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How can I tell how rare my Pigeon is?

Traits and rarities are published in the traits and rarity section, for everyone to see. We've set up a rarity system containing 8 categories and 150 traits. Before mint, we will publish what rarity category a trait is: common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary. The exact percentages will be published right after minting. A good Cult with dastardly plans can never reveal the entire plan beforehand, now can we?

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Will there be a next chapter?

Yes, most definitely! We are preparing a second season already with our concepting and design artist. Details will follow, but rest assured... it will be mental!

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